Turn your data into a
true business asset

Truedat is a data governance business solution asset developed by Bluetab, an IBM Company in order to help our clients become data-driven companies.

Govern your data


Have an end to end vision of your data from a business and technical point of view. Work in an user-friendly environment with visual and easy-to-undestand tools


Organize & enrich information through configurable workflows and monitor data governance activity


It allows you to be totally up to date & share what is happening around your data governance program

What we offer?


We help our customers to implement their data governance programs from the point of view of processes, roles and responsibilities, thanks to a team with experience in the most cutting-edge data environments.


Truedat is a leading data governance software solution that allows our clients to implement their data governance programs.


Using Truedat you will belong to community formed by leaders of the data world in different sectors and you will be able to participate in the definition of the Data Governance of the future.

No license cost

Truedat is installed in the environment of your choice with no extra charges by users, assets or use.


Our tool is ready to be integrated to market systems but at the same time it is prepared to be integrated to unexpected sources. We are integration experts.


We do not expect you to adapt to our tool’s processes. We have built capabilities to customize and adapt truedat to your organization

Client Driven

Solving real issues is our main drive. We deliver over 20 releases every year composed mainly by client requested features.